Draw This Again: Old Art Remakes Part 2

I was looking through my art, trying to determine what kind of theme I had amongst my art as a teenager, and a variety of things came up:

  • fairies
  • breasts
  • vinyl & fishnet stockings
  • stripes
  • blood
  • corsets

I think it goes without saying what kind of teenager I was. Honestly, I still draw some of these things, but have deviated away from vinyl, blood, and fairies a bit. Corsets, breasts, and stripes are still pretty common in my art.

As I was going through my old art, I remembered this picture of a gothic girl that I had redone 2014. I decided it would be fun to revisit this drawing again, to see if anything had changed since 2014.

Art: Draw This Again: Goth Redo by Grimmiechan

In 2014 I was pretty upset that in 13 years my art hadn’t progressed more. I was overall pretty unhappy with the picture. But honestly, at the least, I’ve learned to save scans that are not terribly blurry and at much higher resolutions (The image from 2001 is 200×585, ouch). Honestly, I don’t even know if I ever liked the first drawing. I suppose I must have liked it enough to scan it though.

As far as changes, one thing I decided to do differently in 2016 was use markers instead of colored pencils. I think that might have been my biggest issue with the 2014 drawing was that I didn’t like the way the colored pencils turned out. Looking back though, it’s really not that bad. She’s a bit scary pale, but I mean, she is a goth. So the blindingly white skin isn’t too out of place. There are some things I like more about the 2014 picture now than I did before. One thing I like is that her face and hair are actually pretty cute. Right now I am experimenting a lot with faces and facial structure, so I think the 2016 picture is going through a bit of an awkward phase. 2014 is a bit more of my normal cartoony style, so her face is more of what I am/have been used to drawing.

I’m excited to see where this drawing goes in the future, if I choose to revisit it again. I am really trying my hardest to improve my art and have been drawing as much as possible every day. Hoping this awkward phase is a happy little (BOB ROSS!!) middle ground on the way to improvement.

Ever changing. Hopefully growing.


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