Acrylic Paintings: In a Galaxy Far Far Away

It has been difficult finding time to do the things that I want to do. Every weekend we are either here and occupied with guests, or 3 hours away visiting family. It has been difficult trying to deal with this. All I want is to spend a weekend alone.

Or a weekend in a galaxy far, far away.



galaxypaintingcloseup2 galaxypaintingcloseup

In retrospect, this could be a nebula. The close up pictures are to show the texture. It’s a relatively small canvas: 12″ x 12″. Acrylic & Gouache.

I have another busy weekend coming up, probably filled with less art than I would like it to. Hopefully I can make some more time. These spacy paintings were fun,


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2 responses to “Acrylic Paintings: In a Galaxy Far Far Away”

  1. CrysD says:

    love the textures, I’m sure I’d really enjoy doing a similar theme. It seems very relaxing and peaceful. I’ve saved a bunch of nature like references that are somewhat similar (more like clouds etc) to motivate me to paint more.

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