Self Portrait Vignette Digital Painting

I thought it was about time to get some real practice in Photoshop. It has also been a really long time since I had done a self portrait, so I figured, why not? I was looking at Loish’s self portrait from a while back, and it made me want to give it a try. Loish is my favorite digital artist. She has such a great, great style. So, I was pretty inspired by her art style. Obviously my style is nothing like hers, but I sure would love for it to be.


It’s definitely not a perfect representation of me, but I can be happy and actually call it done. WOWZERS.


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2 responses to “Self Portrait Vignette Digital Painting”

  1. CrysD says:

    This is really great! I love it. I’ve been thinking of doing another self portrait too but haven’t had the will. I’m doing a “365 of 29” project where I’m trying to take a random photo of myself every day this year. Hopefully it will give me some inspiration.

    • grimfairy says:

      Danke, Crys! It was my weekend project, off and on.That photo project sounds interesting. I take almost 0 photos of myself, so that would be nigh impossible. Good luck with it, for sure. 🙂

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