Witchsona Drawing 2016

On the first full moon of each new year, witchsona week begins. I’d never had a chance to participate in previous years, but actually caught the challenge at the correct time this year. Many of the pieces that are created for that week are posted on http://witchsona.tumblr.com/.

Here’s what I did this year!

Witchsona version 1

I didn’t like how this came out though. It didn’t have the feeling I was trying to convey, so I took another crack at it immediately after finishing this.

Witchsona version 2

The style is completely different from my normal style, but I liked it. It felt more inline with what I was thinking. A little more spooky.

Witchsona week is a lot of fun and i encourage you to participate when it rolls around again next year!


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