Back From the Dead: Random Doodles

October was busy. November continues to be the same way. I have our scanner in the dining room now, so I believe some pictures are in order, no?

Here are some things from the past month. There’s not a lot. There are 2 really weird and obscure comics that I drew also, but they were lightly sketched in pencil and don’t scan well, so I need to either ink them or leave them in my sketchbook of obscurity.

celebcoloredpencils mrdudetext2 mrdudetext octdoodles frogirl

These were all doodled with either pens or colored pencils. The random celebrities are a bit unrecognizable. I don’t even want to say who the lady in green is supposed to be.  It kind of looks like Daryl Hannah to me. It’s not.

The words and lettering are based on a Youtube channel that I was watching at the time. As he was saying these words, I ended up writing them down.

For now, I must return to home renovations. Fare thee well. I hope to return sooner rather than later.


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