Marker Drawing: In Her Hands

Sorry for the neglect, blog. Busy guest-filled weekends and renovating weekdays. I’ve got a few obscure comics and doodles that I need to post, but can’t scan in at the moment. As the weather gets a bit colder, I am hoping that there will be fewer guest-filled weekends and that we finish our renovation (for multiple reasons). Our kitchen is coming along, so it is quite exciting. Slowly but surely.

In the meantime, here’s a picture from a while ago, when I was thinking about galaxy art a bit.


I used some markers from my boyfriend’s coworker that he donated/loaned to me. I was excited to get them, since new things are always fun. They are Spectrum Noirs. They’re fun. Kind of a weird style for me.

This is fairly large. 18″x 24″.


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