I like to Doodle Doodle

I try to practice a variety or styles and techniques. My sketchbook is stylistically inconsistent, but I like to test my abilities and see what I can do.

purplehairgirl db owl

ladydoodlesclose whalecat watchingdoodles

I also tend to draw whatever television show, movie, or game that I am watching/playing. If these aren’t awful, you should be able to figure out what I was doing at the time. Also, random people of the internet, beware. I might just draw you in the future.


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One response to “I like to Doodle Doodle”

  1. Looks good! *Sigh* I haven’t kept a sketch book in a long, long time. Now I’m working on a long-term project, so I have to keep my style consistent for the time-being. This only brings me down a bit because it kind of felt like a reversion for me – I simplified the style I was working on to make it easier to color (and so that I could make the background transparent to no ill-effect). It was handy when I was first learning to draw on the computer, but now I want to challenge myself more.

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