Klimt Inspired Watercolor Painting: Blue

I love Klimt paintings. There’s something about them that is particularly appealing to me. I find myself inspired by his painting pretty frequently, as is apparent by the front page of my website.

I’ve got 3 other Klimt posts from the past:

An old Klimt Inspired Drawing

The Klimt Inspired Mermaid on my homepage

My “Gilded” acrylic painting

I still really like the mermaid. I rarely do digital art, so when I actually complete a digital piece that I am satisfied with, I’m pretty overjoyed.

Anyway, for this Klimt piece, I decided to deviate from the yellows/golds that are so iconic Klimt and attempt to do something more appropriate to my mood at the time.

Art: Klimt Inspired: Blue Watercolor Painting by Grimmiechan


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