Fanart Friday: Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers (OG)

I haven’t seen the new Power Rangers movie yet. I feel like the reviews have been mixed. People who watched the old series generally liked it, but critics seem to hate it. I’m sort of the latter, but not a lot. I watched randomly the first 2 seasons as a child, but I didn’t keep up with it too much. However, Twitch ran a marathon of the entire Power Rangers series (including all the really new stuff that I’d never even heard of). This marathon got me pretty hyped up. I was excited to see the old stuff and did stay tuned in for the first two seasons as much as possible.

It inspired me.

I remembered that I love Rita. She’s fabulous.

Art: Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers Fanart) Watercolor Painting by Grimmiechan

Admittedly, I haven’t been in the greatest of moods recently and art has been cast aside a bit. This painting has definitely gotten me back in the mood to draw and paint again (and I’m experiencing a bit of a better mood lately to boot). So, thank you, Rita Repulsa.


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