My Inktober 2016 Favorites

You do know Inktober, don’t you? Jake Parker started this drawing initiative that takes place in October. Basically, you make an ink drawing every day of the month. He has prompts, other people make prompts, or you can march to the beat of your own drum, just as long as you make the india ink drawing each day. It’s fun. I’ve participated for 2 years now.

I don’t think I fell behind on Inktober this past year either. I tried incorporating colored inks into my Inktober art this year, but the ones I ended up liking the most were mostly just shades of gray.

Art: Shards Ink Drawing by GrimmiechanArt: The Bride Ink Drawing by Grimmiechan Art: Frankenstein's Bride Ink Drawing by Grimmiechan Art: Drusilla Inspired Ink Drawing by Grimmiechan

The first one is the only one I still like that involved any colored ink. Apparently Frankenstein’s bride was also a favorite. What do you actually call her? Frankenstein’s bride isn’t quite right, since she is intended to be the bridge of Frankenstein’s monster and not Frankenstein himself. I suppose “Frankenstein’s Bride” could just imply the bride that he created for his monster. I don’t know, it’s tricky.

Also, that last picture. Do you recognize that quote? I love it so much. Kudos if you know who said it.

Want a hint? Highlight below then. :p

It’s from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series).


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