Old Art Remakes: Colored Pencil Drawing

Sometimes I come across an old picture, and it is completely awful and I start to wonder, “Can I do this better now? Gosh, I really hope so”.

For example, I found this picture I did in early high school.


Besides the fact that I was scanning in art at an incredibly small resolution and thinking that was okay, I also just hate everything about this picture. NOTHING ABOUT IT MAKES SENSE. But, I decided to redo it and make it work a little better.

It’s nice to do this sort of thing and reassure yourself that you have improved somewhat over the years. I also stuck to the original medium of colored pencils. Eh, why not? I still have a long way to go.


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2 responses to “Old Art Remakes: Colored Pencil Drawing”

  1. CrysD says:

    It is always nice to see improvement. I often look back at my old drawings too and think about editing, though I usually think of doing it in photoshop. I think it is a great idea to just do a new version all together – mainly because I’m a bit sentimental for the old version. (And afraid I’ll just make it worse). You really can tell the difference in her face.

    • grimfairy says:

      It’s funny, because it really looked better to me before I colored it. Of course I lost all the minor things that probably made it just a teeny bit better overall. The old face though. Oh my. Definitely redo so old drawings. It’s super satisfying.

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