The True Story of a Cockroach: A Comic

Inspired by a true story.


I need to work on the layout of my comics. This one is just… all over the place.


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2 responses to “The True Story of a Cockroach: A Comic”

  1. CrysD says:

    I actually really like the layout. I’m envious of your ability to put these together. I’ve been thinking along time about doing a graphic novel of some sort and I am so intimidated by even starting. I am trying to find comics/graphic novels to help guide me but mainly I think of manga or anime with manga based scenes. I am really enjoying your comic drawings 🙂 Keep em coming!

    • grimfairy says:

      It has always been a back burner kind of thought for me also. It would be nice to actually put something coherent together. I have such a weird sense of humor though, which concerns me. Heh. I like seeing your graphic novel/comic posts on pinterest also. Also inspiring. 😀

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