The Over-sized Composite Image of Work Doodles

When I had a job, I found myself doodling in meetings. I gathered the sketches I found from this time period and compiled them into one image. My thoughts at the moment are always obvious.




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2 responses to “The Over-sized Composite Image of Work Doodles”

  1. CrysD says:

    Man I just love your faces, especially their hair! Just they stand out to me so beautiful and 3-D like. I am still dying to do a graphic novel but I just can’t get the styling right. Do you ever think about doing one? I know you do the shorter comics. I want that kitty cat too ;p I used to doodle all the time in classes but for some reason I never thought of doing it in meetings.

    • grimfairy says:

      All my meetings at work were basically sales calls for products or services that we would never use, but we still had like 3 a week. Those meetings were perfect for drifting off into doodle land. I also wasn’t a fan of the work I was doing at the time either, so that helped. heh. I think doing a graphic novel would be fun. I actually have had some ideas for stories before, but there’s definitely a confidence level that keeps stopping me from continuing. Now that I currently I have no job, I’ve been thinking about it even more so. I think you should sketch out a couple comic pages and see what style of drawing feels right. Just from doing mini comics, I’ve kind of learned what style seems feasible and what wouldn’t be.

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