This Jenn Girl: A Fashion Illustration

I recently completed a piece for This Jenn Girl, a friend and co-worker of mine. She had seen my art on Instagram, which I’ve only recently started to use. She gave me the challenge of coming up with a piece that had a lot of freedom, although she expressed an interest in fashion illustration. So with this information in mind, I set forth to create something that I hoped she would like.



It was a lot of fun and it gave me an excuse to use my watercolors again. I’m really falling in love with them. It’s probably my favorite medium of the moment. I wanted this picture to be high energy, so I hope that was captured.

Check out Jenn’s blog if you have a chance. She’s a lifestyle blogger based in Tampa, Florida. She takes a lot of beautiful pictures and reviews a large array of products. There’s a lot to see there.

Thanks again, Jenn!


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