Back in February Leilani Joy was having a contest on Instagram to win an ACEO original and I knew I wanted to participate right away. The theme was pretty open, just design a valentine. I figured I could handle that. Well, I didn't exactly make a valentine, but I still enjoyed creating something love themed (ish). I hadn't been using ... Read More


I love Klimt paintings. There's something about them that is particularly appealing to me. I find myself inspired by his painting pretty frequently, as is apparent by the front page of my website. I've got 3 other Klimt posts from the past: An old Klimt Inspired Drawing The Klimt Inspired Mermaid on my homepage My "Gilded" acrylic ... Read More


I haven't seen the new Power Rangers movie yet. I feel like the reviews have been mixed. People who watched the old series generally liked it, but critics seem to hate it. I'm sort of the latter, but not a lot. I watched randomly the first 2 seasons as a child, but I didn't keep up with it too much. However, Twitch ran a marathon of the entire ... Read More


You do know Inktober, don't you? Jake Parker started this drawing initiative that takes place in October. Basically, you make an ink drawing every day of the month. He has prompts, other people make prompts, or you can march to the beat of your own drum, just as long as you make the india ink drawing each day. It's fun. I've participated for 2 ... Read More