Learning to Kayak: A Comic

The past 2 summers I've taken some whitewater kayak lessons on the Nantahala River. The first lesson was a 1-day class to get you acquainted with the boat and have some confidence to paddle down the river, which was fine. I did well and I felt pretty good in the big old boat that they put beginners in. However, this year's lesson ended being an ... Read More


Back in February Leilani Joy was having a contest on Instagram to win an ACEO original and I knew I wanted to participate right away. The theme was pretty open, just design a valentine. I figured I could handle that. Well, I didn't exactly make a valentine, but I still enjoyed creating something love themed (ish). I hadn't been using ... Read More


I love Klimt paintings. There's something about them that is particularly appealing to me. I find myself inspired by his painting pretty frequently, as is apparent by the front page of my website. I've got 3 other Klimt posts from the past: An old Klimt Inspired Drawing The Klimt Inspired Mermaid on my homepage My "Gilded" acrylic ... Read More


I haven't seen the new Power Rangers movie yet. I feel like the reviews have been mixed. People who watched the old series generally liked it, but critics seem to hate it. I'm sort of the latter, but not a lot. I watched randomly the first 2 seasons as a child, but I didn't keep up with it too much. However, Twitch ran a marathon of the entire ... Read More